Aug 152018

As farmers and having experienced drought a few years past Graham and I wish to offer a  “get away” for a farming family overcome by the present drought.

Willys is in NE Victoria so a distance from most folk suffering mentally, physically and financially bought about by a lack of rain. Children suffer too….

Please email Sheril  at  sheril.wilson@bigpond .com if remotely interested. We can discuss travel costs and food which may seem  a barrier to our offer..

Please only genuine enquiries…. scamming will not be tolerated.

We look forward to your email..

Mar 092017

Due to cancellation, now available at Willys for MFSRBF private bedroom with queen and single beds. Fridge tea/coffee facilities. Phone Sheril    0428226874. Ist in best dressed… Will not last..

Cartoon Home Furniture Bed Isolated on White Background. Vector.

Jan 272016

Tom enjoyed his stay. So happy to land this Murray cod in the creek running through our property. Tom released the fish.  His plan is to return next year,re catch the same fish to see how much it has grown!!! Good luck with that Tom…Hi to Toms mum and dad..Tomfish

Oct 072015

1st homeThe Original home of Florrie and Byron Wilson pre 1939. This house was completely destroyed during the 1939 bush fires which raged through the Upper Murray. Byron was badly burnt whilst trying to save the house. Water was in very short supply combined with the use of wet bags the job was impossible. Byron then sheltered in a 44 gallon drum of water whilst waiting for help to arrive and to ease the pain associated with his severe burns. Florrie and 1st born Keith sheltered in the near by creek. Imagine the situation,no phone,limited water and no fire fighting equipment as we have now.

Oct 052015

Golly where have the years gone!!! 16 and 21.. too young was the word…50 years next year and still plodding along….Great life.. 3 kids,8 grandies and 1 great grandson… Sheril Hyland and Graham Wilson (Willy) married St Patricks Albury 5th November 1966.wedding1 wedding2

Oct 052015

With a tear in my eye I bit farewell to our guests Matt, Nick,Rebecca and Colleen. Willy and I can truthfully say we have not had  any guests we would not wish to see again which is wonderful..Occassionally tho’ people enter our lives who make us realize life is not to be taken for granted…  Colleen are an inspiration to us….With life throwing you an uneasy path to endure you smile,joke and embrace the next adventure. The love and respect your adult children show you is heart warming. We look forward to your visit next year for your 82nd birthday. Stay as well as you can lovely lady and cheers to Matt Nick and Bec. The mountains beckon you….June 14 028

Sep 162013
Willy is entering a comp in the Weekly Times newspaper “Back Paddock” – something to do with a beaut ute – judge for yourself!!!
We at Willys are running a comp to encourage you to identify said paddock basher. If you name the make and year you will go into a draw for one of Sheril’s beaut sponge cakes full of mountains of cream and strawberries. PUO.
One hint only……..7 years after Willys birth. Go for it!
Willys Paddock Basher
Jul 252013

Ok…it’s a blog….come back often to catch up on what’s going on at Willy’s.  We look forward to your feedback, comments, chitchat, chinwags…you can use blog comments or Facebook comments below each post…(very cool)…and have you liked our facebook page yet??

Hi everyone… been a little slack on this front…hopefully 2017 will see better from me.   Past 12 months on the farm has been a little interesting to say the least, however, thankfully we have all survived. The down turn in the Dairy Industry changed the lives and minds of family members especially our son Keslie and his wife Sarah Jane who now operate the enterprise.

If not for our lovely, diverse guests at Willys life for Graham (Willy) and myself would have not been as joyful.We have met the most wonderful folk, enjoyed their company, laughs,sometimes tears and life stories. Many a drink was shared on the deck overlooking the magnificent Corryong Valley. All arrive not too sure about just what they are coming too. Thankfully all seem to depart having enjoyed the experience. Willy and I wave fond farewell ,with a tear in our eye, to newly found friends.

Grahams beautiful faithful friend Sophie girl.