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Hi everyone… been a little slack on this front…hopefully 2017 will see better from me.   Past 12 months on the farm has been a little interesting to say the least, however, thankfully we have all survived. The down turn in the Dairy Industry changed the lives and minds of family members especially our son Keslie and his wife Sarah Jane who now operate the enterprise.

If not for our lovely, diverse guests at Willys life for Graham (Willy) and myself would have not been as joyful.We have met the most wonderful folk, enjoyed their company, laughs,sometimes tears and life stories. Many a drink was shared on the deck overlooking the magnificent Corryong Valley. All arrive not too sure about just what they are coming too. Thankfully all seem to depart having enjoyed the experience. Willy and I wave fond farewell ,with a tear in our eye, to newly found friends.

Grahams beautiful faithful friend Sophie girl.